Tomorrow is 11/11
Q. What is 11/11 sale?
A. It’s a Chinese holiday for singles that turned into a Black Friday style sales day.
Q. Are sales really a bargain on 11/11?
A. Yes and no, some are great deals(we are posting those before and on 11/11. Many sellers just hike their prices up beforehand to put it “on sale” on 11/11.
Q. Why do items ordered on 11/11 have a longer delivery time?
A. The Chinese postal service is so overwhelmed with sale orders it takes longer for them to be processed and delivered.
Q. Should I wait till November 11 to order?
A. Yes; if you want to save a few $ and can wait longer for delivery. No; if you want an item sooner ie. Holiday gifts. For time sensitive items we recommend ordering now before the big sale day.